Solo Per Due – The World’s Smallest Restaurant

Solo Per Due, Italy, is a beautiful restaurant, which gives a unique experience to two. The name itself means Just For Two; it is the smallest restaurant in the world, but comes with a variety of services for the couple. Only two people can accommodate in this restaurant; thus, there are no queues and no waiting at all. The entire attention of the staff is dedicated to the couple that books the restaurant pre-handedly.



In the grounds of this restaurant lay the remains of a famous Roman Villa. When you look at the walls of this restaurant, you feel like they are talking to you and pulling you back to the nineteenth century. There are flowers to keep the eyes attracted and trees to give you amazingly fresh air. When the weather is warm, the guests can rejuvenate themselves under the shade of a vine.

The menu has its own specialty. Since Vacone has its own sources of high quality vegetables and ingredients, you don’t miss any taste when the Italian food is served on the plates, gently placed on your table. The extra virgin olive oil’s aroma fills your lungs.

Visiting this restaurant is an experience for a lifetime!

image : Solo Per Due