Five Awesome Natural Hangover Remedies

hangover remedies

If you have had a lot of whisky, beer, vodka, rum or anything that seemed like the best thing in the world last night, you are surely in a hangover right over. Alcohol sounds amazing when you are spending some cool time with your friends or enjoying your solitude, but you literally have to pay the price the next day because of the bag hangover that makes you go through terrible headache and giddiness.


Ah… that feeling! We know about it and hence we are here to cover it up for you.

Here are the top five natural remedies for hangover for you:

Water :

the best thing in the world: Your favorite poison may have seemed like the best thing last night, but if you really want to get rid of your hangover, you have to switch to water. Instead of drinking water with medicines, simply drink water and let the toxins flush out of your body. It works magically and you feel better in a few minutes itself. Drink as much water as you can.

Time to go bananas:

If you haven’t heard of the banana therapy for hangover already, you must know that this is the fruit that treats your spinning head in the morning. Grab one or two bananas and eat them to fill your stomach so that the nasty alcohol inside your body can be calmed and you can safely come out of your hangover.

Oh honey:

Honey not only has potassium, but also works as an amazing antioxidant. You can forget the hangover pills or medicines and simply spread honey on a dry toast or a biscuit and eat it. You can also mix honey in warm water and add lemon to win the race from your hangover.

Glucose filled juice:

When you drink fruit juices, your body feels hydrated and the alcohol’s effect seems to decrease all by itself. Drink freshly squeezed fruit juices if you are unable to come out of your hangover the next day you wake up. Instead of coffee or other such beverages, which are quite harmful to your liver, switch to healthy juices in hangover.

Warm soup for your soul:

The aroma of warm soup itself soothes your brain and allows you to come out of the spinning effect of your dirty hangover. You can battle even the dirtiest hangover with the help of a bowl full of warm soup.

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