5 Signs Your Partner is Being Unfaithful

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Sometimes it becomes really hard to maintain the relationship with your spouse – especially if the sparks have completely died. If this is the case with you, then you must watch out for your partner. There are often some red flags which we choose to ignore. But many a times even though you know that something is not adding up, it might be very difficult to get to the bottom of the truth.

Take a seat and read these 5 signs that will tell you for sure if your partner is cheating on you. Here are the 5 tell tale signs of infidelity:

1. Being weird and hideous around their phones:

Has your partner been acting funny with their phone? For example, checking it out with the back always faced towards you? Or eyeing you at the same time he is checking his phone? They might be reading your face to find out if his lie has been caught. But if your partner is very adept at lying, they might surpass all these symptoms.


Watch out if he/she leaves the room to talk on phone or worse, asks you to leave while they are on the phone. Does his/her voice seem to change every time they go outside to make that call? Does it become flirtatious and funny? If they are indeed cheating, they will become flushed and look evasive on being questioned who was on that call.

If your partner has suddenly become more attached to their phone or if they take their phone everywhere, even in the bathroom nowadays – something is definitely up!

2. Making an effort on their appearance:

Is your partner making more efforts to look more beautiful? Chances are they are doing it for someone who has recently joined their lives. It might break your heart, but remember when you first met and how well dressed s/he was? Do you notice how that has changed over the years? So you can guess why they have suddenly put up this dress for, right? Pay attention to how the person smells. He/she might have taken that on from someone else.

3. Shifting interests:

So your partner used to play football earlier and now they are suddenly interested in comic books? It is quite a natural thing to like different things when you have someone new in your life – and influential I might add. When we are trying to get into a relationship, we make an effort to adapt to their interests. If you are sure there are no other reasons for this behavior, it is the time to enquire.

4. Fighting constantly:

Does your partner find faults with every little thing that you do? If they pick up fight with you for no reason at all; and more importantly if that fight becomes ugly, one reason might be that they are subtly trying to tell you that they do not like to be around you anymore. But of course, they should be telling that to you directly and it is where you have the right to ask them about this.

You might also notice that your partner is trying to blame you for everything. It is their way of putting all the blame of the relationship on you. You have to get a hold of your reigns and talk to them at this point.

5. Lack of intimacy:

People are of different kinds and they may not let you know that they are cheating right away, but it shows. While some people don’t stop getting intimate with their current partner altogether because they are getting it elsewhere, you will most definitely see some discrepancies around the way this is being carried out.


Have they suddenly become very adventurous and are asking you to try out different things? Perhaps they have become calmer. Some also try to make it up to their partners out of guilt. No matter what, the cracks do show.

It is also important to remember that not all the points mentioned above might say for sure that your partner is cheating on you, but these are red flags that they are drifting away.
If any of the above applied to you, talk to your partner and tell them about your concerns. Don’t hesitate to seek help from a close friend or a guide if you feel like the situation is not in your control.

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