7 best examples of unconditional love between human and animals


1. A Lion hugging a Woman


This woman rescued an African lion, which had been starving to death 6 years earlier. She took care of him then and nursed him back to health. Later she arranged a zoo for him to stay in. One fine day, she went to the zoo to visit him, and was in for a surprise! The lion gave her a real embrace and also a peck on her lips. This is truly heartwarming to watch.

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2. Christian the faithful lion


A Lion named Christian was adopted by two brothers in the year 1969. But he soon grew up and became too difficult for them to take care of. So the brothers decided to leave him in the wildness of Africa. Long after that, the brothers returned to the wilderness to search for their beloved pet, but they were told that their lion was now the head of the pride in his jungle and it was unlikely that he would remember them. But the brothers continued looking for him anyway. After many hours when they finally found him, this is what happened…


3. Kabang the heroic dog

Dogs are known to be one of the most loyal among animals. They wait for their owners to come home and play with them. Sometimes they even risk their own lives to save their owners’.

Anton Mari H. Lim/wikipedia

Kabang – the dog owned by a family from Philippines became a hero when she saved two children from being hit by the motorcycle. She came in front of the motorcycle to block the path and ultimately injuring herself badly, but she saved the children. She even lost a part of face and jaw. The family was asked to keep her at the vets for euthanasia, but they refused. The public donated $20,000 and some more for her surgeries. The vets said that she will need at least two operations before she becomes fit, but they believed she could be recovered. What a sacrifice!

4. Gorilla still remembers his old friend

Brought up by an Englishman, Damian Aspinall in England, Kwibi was just 5 years old when she was returned back to the wild. Damian went back to meet him 5 years later, ignoring all warnings (Kwibi had become hostile to people then). He went upriver and called out “Kwibi” the same way he used to. Minutes later a gorilla showed up at the riverbank. Kwibi had heard his voice and even recognized him after all these years.

“He looked into my eyes with such intensity and love. It was an incredible experience. He wouldn’t let me go. I can honestly say it was one of the greatest experiences of my life,” said Damian.

5. Dog waited for his master for 9 years

In 1925, a dog named Hachiko waited for his master every day at the train station, at the same time he used to come. Even after his master’s death, he didn’t stop waiting for him until he had passed away himself.


Hachiko was a male dog of Akeeta breed born in 1923 near the farms. He met his master, Hidesaburo Ueno, nearby a train station. Ueno was a professor at the Tokyo University; and every day he would go to his workplace via the same train and greet Hachiko at the station at the same time. Until one day, in May, 1925 – Ueno died of brain hemorrhage and didn’t return to the place Hachiko was waiting for him. Every day for the next nine years, the dog kept waiting for him at the same spot. He became very famous in the country and came to be known as the truly loyal dog that he was. Later a movie was made in 2009 called “Hachi: A Dog’s Tale” starring Richard Gere.

6. Dog slept next to his owner’s grave

Captain, the dog, had disappeared during the funeral services. Later on, he was found sleeping on his master’s grave. His master died in 2009; and since then, he has kept visiting the grave every day and sleeping next to it at 6pm sharp.

A Dog named Capitán sleeps next to the grave of his owner every night at 6pm. His owner, Miguel Guzmán died in 2006.

7. Man befriends a crocodile


Pocho, the crocodile, was rescued by a Chito – a man from Costa Rica. He couldn’t bear to let him die. After he recovered, Chito carried him on his back to leave him back to the wild. But Pocho wouldn’t stay without him and followed him back home. With permission from the Environment Ministry, Chito was able to take care of Pocho until he died at the age of 50 due to natural reasons. Chito was devastated when he died, but he gave him a good funeral in which millions of tourists and environment enthusiasts joined him.

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