A new study suggest that love at first sight has a biological basis.

The bar is over-crowded on a Saturday night. A gorgeous red haired woman is sitting at the bar, enjoying her favorite brand of Whisky, talking to a female friend sitting opposite to her. The moment this man enters into the bar, this girl turns her head to the sound of the bells; their eyes meet and the adrenaline rush is felt.


… they get married, have babies and live together forever!

But do you really think all this is easy and can happen to anyone and everyone?

According to the researchers, human attraction exists and every individual is bound to make a judgment about another person, right from the time they first meet, interact or even see each other. In fact, some of the researchers believe that it takes as less as three minutes for people to decide about the other person, when it comes to love and romance… or way before even the drinks are served on the table on the first date.

However, this quick attraction not only exists in your head, but biologically as well, even though it has not been completely proven, yet. According to the studies, animals generally mate with those, who are genetically compatible with them. Even though no proofs have been found whether the same theory applies to humans as well, some of the scientists believe that we might have a programmed cell to find ‘the one.’

But just because you find someone attractive, it does not mean that you can have a successful story or partnership with him. Psychologists state that the more you interact with someone, the more you find him to be both, smart as well as attractive.

In simple words, while the first sight makes you fall in love with a person, interactions make you sustain the same.

image via pixabay