Your pupils dilate when you look someone attractive and does the same when you hate someone.

Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings, isn’t it? According to a study, the eyes of the individual in love depict it all when he is in love. The romantic depiction of the eyes as ‘windows to the soul’ is not just another poetic expression to inspire the ones in love; it is true, indeed. When you see the person you are in love with, your pupils dilate.

Dan Foy/flickr

Dan Foy/flickr

Dilation of the Pupils:

Autonomic nervous system is responsible for the dilation and constriction of the pupils; the same system is responsible for goose bumps as well as heart rates. When you look at the sun, you are unable to bear its rays and hence you are never able to stare at it. However, that’s not the only thing that your eyes react to, for love and hatred are also the two most important things that they show.

According to Charles Darwin, who had conducted a study on the dilation of the pupils in 1870s, the moment you fear something or someone or a particular situation, your pupils expand to such an extent that they automatically focus and pay attention to look for a solution.

The Study:

In the year 1965, Eckhard Hess, the famous psychologist, conducted an unusual experiment in which he collected a few photographs and showed it to his assistant, James Polt. He wanted to check the pupils of his assistant’s eyes so that he could find out how the pictures affect him. He observed that Polt’s pupils began dilating the moment he placed nude pictures of the opposite sex. This proved that heterosexuals have their pupils dilated when they see something exciting or pictures of the ones they love. On the other hand, homosexuals’ pupils dilate when they see pictures of the same gender.