In Germany its a ritual to kidnap the bride by her family after the wedding.

Germany is known for the kind of traditions and rituals it has always had. In Germany, a traditional wedding lasts for three days.

Allan Ajifo/wikimedia
Allan Ajifo/wikimedia

The Three-Day Wedding!

On the very first day, the couple gets married, wherein only a few close friends and family members witness the ceremony. On the second day, an informal party is hosted for everyone to know about the wedding and celebrate the bond for the newly-wed husband and wife. In this party, porcelain kitchenware is brought to smash it in front of the couple. This is a way to wish them good luck and happiness for all their lives as a pair. On the third day is the actual reception.

Kidnapping The Bride On the Third Day:

But the third day does not end in an ordinary manner wherein the bride leaves in the car with her groom, at the reception, the best man kidnaps the bride and takes her to a pub. The groom has to find her in order to retrieve her. The moment the groom finds her, he has to pay for their drinks (which includes the best man, the bride and his friends).

Image Credit : Allan Ajifo via flickr/wikimedia