Slow Time Cafe where people are charged for the time they spend their and not for the things they order.

Slow Time cafe

How much do you pay when you visit a coffee house or café? Don’t you spend according to the number of coffee you order and the sandwiches you eat?

Slow Time Cafe in Germany knows how much time people waste when they are at the café; most of the individuals visiting a coffee house sit there for long non-ending conversations. None of the cafés ask you to leave or to pay for the time you spend there, even if you order and drink only a single cup of coffee.


However, the concept of Slow Time in Germany is different; it charges people according to the time they spend there and not according to the things they order to drink or eat.

The Slow Time Cafe:

The Slow Time cafe is a newly opened one in Wiesbaden, Germany and it ensures that the customers are not charged for the food they order. In fact, individuals are allowed to bring in their own food and eat together. You can sit for as long as you like, but there’s only one thing, while leaving, you have to pay for every single minute that you spend under the roofs of this café.

The Rates:

The most surprising and unusual thing about this café is that you get coffee and biscuits absolutely free. This means that even if you bring your own food, you can eat it and continue with your conversation with your loved ones or friends while sipping on hot coffee. However, at the time of departure, you have to pay for every single moment you’ve spent.

This concept has been brought by the 24 year old Daria Volkova, who charges $2.50 for 30 minutes and then the individuals have to pay €0.05 per minute after the period of 30 minutes.

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