Women who consume at least four cups of coffee daily are less likely to be upset or depressed.

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Have you ever found yourself at peace with a cup of warm coffee in your hands? Do you find it easy to communicate with the other women when you are sipping coffee at a café or coffee house?


Then we have some good news for you – the coffee drinker. No doubt a lot of studies state the dangerous effects of consumption of coffee, a new study finds that women, who consume coffee on a daily basis, may cope-up with depression in a better way.

Women and Coffee:

According to the new study, women, who consume two to three cups of coffee every day, have 15% lower risk of going through the phase of chronic depression during a 10 year period. On the other hand, women, who consumed only a single cup of coffee every week, develop depression quickly.

The Study:

The new study was conducted on more than 50,000 women in the United States of America. The researchers from Harvard School of Public Health in Boston stated that this was a large research of its kind.

The study states that there is a connection between moderate consumption of coffee and decreased risk of suicide. Women, who tend to drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee in a day, find it easier to conquer stress and stay away from depression for a long period of time. When they are able to manage their stress, they don’t fall for suicidal thoughts.

Should you consume coffee?

The best thing about coffee is that it does not harm your body, unless you consume a lot of it. No doubt many fitness freaks state that it increases weight and causes problems to your internal organs, if you consume it in a limit, you can fight depression and stay alert at work.


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