A homing pigeon was given a medal for saving 200 US soldiers by delivering a message even after being shot during the WW1.

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The next time you see a pigeon flying through your path, don’t forget to give it a flying kiss and thank it for its wonderful services. During WWI, a homing pigeon named Cher Ami saved the lives of 200 soldiers; these soldiers were American. To remember him forever, he is stuffed and displayed at Smithsonian Institute.


Sometimes, pigeons can be quite irritating, especially if you see them all the time. But the next time you curse and cuss them, don’t forget to take your mind back in history and remember the noble pigeon that delivered a message right in time, because of which so many American soldiers survived. The history says it all and gives us a reason to respect birds, even if you don’t like them much.

World War I:

In the Northern France, the war was about to come to an end on 11th of November 1918. World War I lasted for 47 days and a lot of soldiers lost their lives fighting during those times.

500 American soldiers, who were led by Major Charles Whittlesey, were trapped on a hill; they were surrounded by Germans. When only 200 soldiers were left in Whittlesey’s Lost Battalion, the major sent two messages by homing pigeons calling for help. However, both the pigeons were shot down.

Cher Ami:

The pigeon that survived was Cher Ami; after both the pigeons were shot down, Cher Ami was released with a desperate message for help. The message was “We are along the road parallel to 276.4. Our own artillery is dropping a barrage directly on us. For heaven’s sake stop it!

Despite being shot, Cher Ami ensured that he flies up in the sky for 25 minutes and pass the message. For his bravery, he was rewarded with a medal. However, due to his severe injuries, he died within a year.

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