If your leg, hand or any body part of yours falls asleep, you can wake it up by shaking your head

There are times when you feel that strange dead sensation in some parts of your body, most commonly legs, feet and arms. This is what we call as ‘sleeping’ of a particular body part. The moment you get up from the seat, you feel uncomfortably annoyed because of your sleeping foot or leg. Even when you wake up in the middle of the night, you are unable to move your arm because it still seems to be sleeping.

Thomas Quine/wikimedia
Thomas Quine/wikimedia

Why do body parts sleep?

When pressure is applied on a specific body part, the nerve pathways are squeezed in such a way that the nerves are unable to transmit electrochemical impulses in an effective way. Thus, the part seems to be sleeping for a few minutes.

How to quickly wake up your sleeping body part?

The best way to wake up your body parts is by shaking your head. The moment you shake your head, your brain is able to locate which body part is sleeping and it thus gets it back to working. So the next time you find a part sleeping, don’t freak out and simply shake your head!