Men lose their minds speaking to pretty women

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A recent study states that when a man talks to a pretty or beautiful woman, he loses his mind!


Even if a man spends a couple of minutes in the presence of an attractive woman, he has absolutely no control over his mind and at times, even loses the track of thoughts. On the other hand, the man’s brain functions efficiently in front of those women he doesn’t find very attractive; even if they chat for hours, it doesn’t really matter to them and they have a good control on their thoughts.

The Recent Study:

According to a recent study, a man who spends even a few minutes with a very attractive woman performs less or average in tests designed to calculate the function of his brain and on the other hand, a man who spends time with those he doesn’t find very attractive performs above average or good in the same.

This study has been published in the Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology. The team has also found a valid reason why men tend to lose their minds while talking to gorgeous women; this is because they try all that they can to impress the opposite gender so that they can get their attention; thus, they are unable to focus on any other thing.

What Do The Findings State?

According to the findings, if boys are unable to score well during their exams in mixed-sex schools, it is because their minds are wandering in the midst of all the beautiful faces in their classes. Also, if a few men are unable to perform well at work, it is because of the gorgeous colleagues they spend time interacting with.

Men think about mating opportunities while talking to pretty girls due to which they lack focus on other things.

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