A Man Tried to Rob a Bank Thinking He Was Invisible

rob a bank
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Man Thought He was Invisible & Failed to Rob a Bank!


Invisible ink is made by using lemon juice. Going by this logic, a man wrapped his face in lemon juice and tried to rob a bank thinking he was invisible!
But this incident is not the only one. Many people have often thought they were invisible while they were clearly not. In another incident a man from Iran had fallen prey to a parlor trick where his faith was manipulated to let him to believe a common superstition. A conjurer had gotten the attention of this man and told him that he could be the owner of great riches and that it was his destiny. He then told him that he would utter a spell that would make him invisible. The man believed him and thought he was invisible!
This is when he went to the bank and thought that he could rob it and no one would notice. But that’s not all – thinking that people would not be able to see him, he grabbed their things and wallets out of their pockets. Infuriated by this incident, the crowd caught hold of him and ultimately handed him over to the Tehran Police. The police though, are still in search of these con artists.

image credit : wikimedia

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rob a bank

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