Some Facts About Depression That You Should Know

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1) According to the researchers of New York University, depression has the capacity to destruct the nerve cells that exist in front of the cerebral cortex; this cortex allows you to be optimistic in life. When you restore them, you overcome depression.


2) By the year 2030, depression may be the highest reason behind disability, after HIV/AIDS. This is estimated by The World Health Organization (WHO).

3) American Psychiatric Association has actually ‘made up’ the rating of most depressive.

4) In US, around ¾th of the total population is dependent on antidepressants.

5) Women suffer from depression more than the opposite gender.

6) Depressed women can go through the problem of osteoporosis. Research states that the ones suffering from depression have a high risk of low bone mineral density.

7) After the death of Ann Rutledge, his first love, Abraham Lincoln fell into depression; he suffered from chronic depression almost all his life.

8) 15% of individuals suffering from depression commit suicide every year.

9) The National Institute of Health (NIH) states that more than 6% of kids go through depression out of which 4.9% have major depression.

10) Depressed individuals catch cold far more quickly than the non-depressed ones.

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