Children who tell lies at the age two are more likely to become successful people in future.

Kids Who LIE

According to a new study, if a child starts lying at an early stage, it is easier for him to be successful at an early stage, too.


What does the research state?

Researchers state that if a two year old child learns to lie at such a tender age, it is a deep sign that he is developing at a rapid state; it proves that his brain is developing, which means that he is bound to have a successful life in the coming time. This study ensures the parents that their children, who lie, are going to have rocking careers in future.

They state that the quicker the children are in lying, the easier it is for them to be more quick witted, which is quite essential to be successful in life.  Such children have their own thought process and know how to stand on their feet.

The executive function:

When children lie at an early stage, it means that their executive function has developed, state the researchers of this study. This function is related to the ability to create a convincing lie by hiding the truth right at the back of their mind.

Dr. Kang Lee, the director of the Institute of Child Study at Toronto University, states that parents should not take it as an ugly behavior, if their kids lie. All the kids lie. While some of them do it at an early age, there are others that learn the concept of lying at a later stage. Those, who lie have enhanced cognitive development, which can make them good bankers in the coming time.

What has lying got to do with success?

Lying is a creative thing; it includes different processes of the brain. Since it is related to the executive functioning of the brain, it uses reasoning as well as thinking.

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