Men without children are more sad and depressed than women

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According to the British researchers, just like women want to have kids in life, men too want to have children of their own. If they don’t have their own kids, they feel very isolated, angry and upset about it. While for women it is more of a desire and biological urge to have babies, for men it is pressure from family and their very own cultural values as well that force them to have babies of their own.

The Study:

British researchers have found out that men, who don’t have babies, go through more depression than women without babies. They feel terribly isolated and frustrated when they don’t have kids after a certain age. Even though the research is due to be presented during the annual conference of British Sociological Association, London, it makes a lot of sense. No doubt the influences on both the genders wanting to have kids varied, the desire was equal and in fact far more in men to be fathers.

Societal Pressures on Men:

You may be wondering what makes the researchers conclude that men are lonelier without children; this is because they end up being upset due to societal as well as family pressures. While women want to have babies because of their biological urge, men are pressurized by their family members, friends and the other people in the society.

According to Keele University’s Robin Hadley, 59% of men and 63% of women stated that they wanted to have kids. Half the men who wanted to have kids stated that they experienced sadness because of not having children. On the other hand, only 27% of women who said they wanted to have kids stated that they felt isolation because of being childless.

The result stated that one in four men felt disturbed because of having no kids.

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