Finest Creatures of nature : Moon tail fighting fish

Moon tail fighting fish
Daniella Vereeken/wikipedia

All You Need to Know about Moon Tail Fighting Fish

Moon tail fighting fish is called Siamese Fighting Fish and Betta as well. It is a well-known specifies in Gourami family that is quite known for being aquarium fish. It is not suggested for people to house two males or two females fighting fish together because they are extremely territorial. However, if you want to place them together, you need to have a large sized tank wherein both the same gender fish can enjoy being on their own.

Daniella Vereeken/wikipedia
Daniella Vereeken/wikipedia

The Appearance:

This fish generally grows up to 3 inches in length and is quite colorful. There are variety of colors in which you can find such fish and they are quite a delight to the eyes. There are two categories of Moon Tail fish and they are:

  • Full Moon Fighting Fish and
  • Half Moon Fighting Fish

The latter is found commonly.

These fish can live up to 10 years maximum and they can also breathe on the surface because of their ‘labyrinth’ gills. The body color of the female fish tends to change when they are stressed; their spouses are generally dark in color. When the female fish lay eggs, the male fish send them away as they tend to eat all of their eggs due to hunger.

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