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Drink Water Before Exam, Improve Your Grades.

Drink Water
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Exams are considered as one of the most irritating but necessary aspects of one’s life as no one can flourish without them. We often implement various random tips so that the exams go off well.


Here’s a tip about exams that you’ve never earlier heard of!

Water, apart from relieving the thirst, can actually improve your grades! It is still a blurred fact that how a drink can boost up the grades. However, a theory says that information streams much better when the brain cells are splendidly hydrated.

To examine how actually water or any other drink can affect the performance of a student, a study was carried out in which the behavior of 447 undergraduate students was analyzed looking at whether they brought water bottles along with them or not.

Considering the study above, it was found that the students who were in an elevated position of the university, carried along water in the exam. Whereas, the students who were freshers did not bother to carry water or any other drink.

Further, the results show that the students who brought water in the exam, even if they consumed it or not, scored 10% better in grades than the students who didn’t even carry along water.

Researcher Chris Pawson, from the University of East London, said: ‘the results imply that the simple act of bringing water into an exam was linked to an improvement in the students’ grades.’

One reason for this enhancement in grades is that water eliminates anxiety, which is known to have a negative impact on the exams. So, apart from mugging up the syllabus and spending money on tuitions, give more preference to a glass of water. Which is so much simple to implement and undoubtedly heaps more beneficial than any other exam tip!

Reference: psychcentraldailymail Image courtesy: pixabay

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Drink Water

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Drink Water

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