Studies show that people suffering from depression will actually feel better after eating a banana.


Bananas are chosen by athletes to increase their electrolyte levels for the sake of getting a quick rush of energy in their bodies.


However, bananas are not just sweet treat or something that you add to your morning smoothie; they contain vitamins, minerals and have a lot of beneficial compounds that prove to be good to your health for a lot of things. They are said to be natural remedies for enhancing regularity, kicking off depression, increasing the power of the brain, relaxing the nerves and treat a lot of other such functions in the body.

When you peep inside the scientific literature of bananas, you notice that there are only a few benefits that you know of this fruit. From regulating the blood pressure to healing the gut that has been terribly damaged, from kicking off arthritis to coping up with the addiction for a particular drug, there are hundreds of things that this simple fruit does for you. The thing is that the man is yet to know about all the benefits of bananas that he can enjoy.

Eating bananas can help you cope up with the depression that you have in your life. It has been proven that these fruits allow you to boost your mood and relieve the common symptoms of depression. With the help of vitamin B that this fruit contains, your tryptophan is transformed into serotonin, which is nothing, but a happy hormone.

Bananas help in aiding digestion. From constipation to diarrhea, everything can be treated with the help of this fruit. It also helps in enhancing your brainpower, which is quite essential for the kids. Last, but not the least, this fruit calms down the nervous system in your body to help you live a healthy and improved life.


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