Obesity is Contagious Among Friends


If you have obese friends, you may tend to get obese in future, says a new study.


This study supports an earlier research that stated that increasing weight may be socially contagious. According to this research, if there are no changes in the culture as well as the environment in the United States and everything remains just the same, almost 42% of adults will turn to be obese in the next 40 years and the obesity rate would simply go increasing.

At present, around a third of Americans fall into the category of being obese or overweight; roughly, this population is 30 pounds more than the actual healthy weight that a person must belong to. The extra pounds may seem to be okay, but they are not – they can increase the risk of going through health related problems like type 2 diabetes, different types of cancer and heart disease.

The growth in obesity has been reaching the skies in all these years. Some of the experts state the rate may be steading off at the moment, but the Harvard researchers have put a different scenario in front of others by applying a mathematical model to data. This data has been taken from the Framingham Heart Study.
Their findings have been reported online in PLoS Computational Biology journal.

According to David Rand, who is a Harvard research scientist, who has also been a part of this study, says that the more obese people you are in contact or in touch with, the easier it is for you to become obese in the coming time. This is because their lifestyles and behaviors influence yours, to a certain extent. Just like the obese friends have unhealthy eating habits, you might adopt them too and end up getting obese in future.

Image courtesy: NAURU JULY 2007/wikipedia

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