Drinking warm drinks makes someone really feel more generous and trusting.

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According to the US researchers, if you like someone and you want him to get warm and affectionate towards you, serving him a nice steaming hot drink can help!

Experiments prove that people find strangers to be trustworthy, if they have a steaming cup of coffee in their hands. Volunteers rated strangers as 11% warmer and trustworthy after seeing them with a hot drink in their hands. Science reports prove that the same was not observed when the strangers were given cold drinks in their hands.


The selfishness of the participants could be measured by the warmth of their drink.

In one of the tests, 41 volunteers were told to hold a drink; they were then taken to the laboratory for further experiment.

They were told to read something about a nice fictional character. After the reading was done, they were told to rate how warm or cold they found the fictional character on the scale of seven.

Those, with a hot drink in their hands, rated the character as a nice and a warm person. However, the drink’s warm temperature did not create any impact on how the volunteers judged the personality traits of the others.

Selfishness of the participants:

According to the second study, 53 people were told to hold frozen or heated therapeutic pads; they were told that they are helping in evaluating a medical product.

Once the questionnaire about the pads was filled, they were then offered to choose between a drink for themselves or a nice gift voucher for their friend.

Those, who held the cold pads, chose the gift for themselves, whereas the others, who held the hot pads, chose the gifts for their friends.

Even though this is not the first time that the temperature has been linked with an emotion, this study proves a lot of experiments that were conducted in the past.

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