When someone falls in love, they will lose on average two friends.

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Would you still fall in love with someone if we told you it may cost you your friends?

Falling in love may make you distanced from your friends, according to a new study. We know how passionate a relationship can get; it is that passion and romance that doesn’t allow you to have any spare time for yourself and your friends. This is something that Science has confirmed, now.


The Study:

According to the researchers of Oxford University, when people were asked about how romance affects their lives, they found out that people eventually had to let go of their friends in order to pay attention to their love life. Their love dominated their daily life and since friends are a part of daily life, they had to give up on a lot of them.

When someone falls in love, his friend-group decreases from five (example of individuals) to four. This means that once you have someone strumming the string of romance, you have to let go of two individuals from your life.

One at the cost of two:

According to the new study, when someone falls in love, he has to welcome a single person in his life at the cost of two individuals, his friends. This study has been submitted for publication. It was presented before the Aston University’s British Science Festival.

The people or friends that you have to let go of are the ones that you generally see on a weekly basis, if not every day. However, since your partner expects you to spend more time with him or her, you are bound to lose the others that were once close to you.

Now the big question is – are you willing to let go of your friends for the love of your life?

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