Talking to yourself in a mirror actually makes you smarter.

Talking to yourself

Do you have a habit of talking to yourself in front of the mirror? If yes, you are surely a smart individual. Don’t pay attention to what people say about mad men talking to themselves in the mirror; according a new study, if you stand in front of a mirror or constantly talk to yourself, you turn out to be a smarter individual. Chatting to oneself enhances cognitive function, which makes you more intelligent than the others around you.


The Research:

This research has been carried out by Daniel Swingley and Gary Lupyan. People muttering to themselves motivated the researchers to carry out their study. In order to find out if speaking to oneself is a good or a bad thing, the duo carried out a few experiments.

20 pictures were shown to different volunteers in one experiment. The pictures were of different objects that one sees every day. While in the first instance the participants were told to remember the pictures silently, in the second instance they were told to repeatedly remind themselves about the pictures they saw. It was noticed when the volunteers spoke with themselves about the pictures, they remembered almost everything and answered in a perfect way.

The Second Experiment:

In the second experiment, the volunteers were told to perform a shopping task, which was virtual. They were shown different objects that are found in any random supermarket. They were told to locate a particular item. Again, first, they were told to perform the task in pin-drop silence; later, they were told to perform the task by reminding themselves about the object constantly. It was found that in the second instance, they were able to remember the object and get it in a quicker and easier manner. This proves that talking to yourself makes you sharper and wiser!

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