Kissing is good for your teeth. Even anticipating a kiss from someone increases the amount of saliva in your mouth, removing plaque


Kiss More for Healthy Teeth!

How often do you kiss?

According to a study, the more you kiss, the better your teeth get. When you smooch someone, you have a lot of fluid in your mouth; this fluid includes saliva, which is needed to keep away from the growth of plaque. When you kiss, you secrete more saliva in the mouth, according to Demirjian. This saliva washes away all the plaque that settles in its absence. When you have the growth of plaque on your teeth, they are prone to cavities.


Kissing is way better than gargling:

It is okay for you to brush your teeth twice a day and gargle once, but if you kiss often, you don’t need anything else for healthier teeth. Even the thought of seductively kissing someone produces a lot of saliva in your mouth and that’s how you are able to maintain your teeth in an efficient manner.

Kissing is fun:

Most of us enjoy kissing because that’s the second intimate way to express love, after hugging. So the next time you see plaque taking birth on your teeth, call your partner and ask for long, deep and entwined kisses for healthier, better and whiter teeth!

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