Teenagers who smoke, drink alcohol and eat junk food are 4 to 6 times less happier than those who never smoked and drank alcohol.

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If you think smoking and drinking are the coolest things you can do in town and you like another teen because of his bad side, you are yet to know the fact that teens, who smoke and consume alcohol are the unhappiest individuals in their life. Also, those who eat more of junk food every day tend to remain unhappy for a long period of time. This is not something that we say – this is something that a study says.


The Study:

Approximately 5000 children were asked about their appearance, friends, family, school and life and they were told to rate their happiness levels. According to the researchers, the teens that did not smoke, drink alcohol and eat junk food were happier than the kids that did. In fact, the ones that shunned cigarettes were five times happier than the ones that accepted smoking with their hearts.

The authors of the study are based at the Institute for Social and Economic Research at Essex University. They used information from Understanding Society, which is a long term study of 40,000 UK households. The authors wanted to learn about the health related behavior of at least 5000 different 10 to 15 year old kids.

The Results:

The results clearly stated that unhealthy habits have a direct effect on the health as well as lifestyle of the teenagers. On the other hand, the teenagers who believed in eating healthy vegetables and fruits were healthier than the others. Also, the teenagers busy with smoking and drinking alcohol showed no interest in working out or maintaining their weight to remain healthy. The ones that ate more of healthy food believed in working harder to maintain themselves in an appropriate way.

So say no to unhealthy habits and develop a healthier version of you!

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