Smoking Bells in Japan

Do you like it when your mother accuses you of smoking because your clothes stink, despite you not smoking anything at all?

This generally happens when you walk behind a smoker or have a friend who constantly smokes. There are a lot of things that annoy you when you return from the bar or a night club. Even if you stay alone, the smell on your clothes annoys you and makes you feel ugly, if you are not a smoker yourself.

In fact, sometimes the smell is so hard on you that you have to give your clothes for dry clean instead of having them washed at home because the smell just doesn’t leave.

Smoking Bells in Japan

The Smoker Bell, Japan:

And on the other hand… you have places like Smoker Bell that allow you to comfortably smoke without disturbing the peace of others around you. This place in Japan allows you to smoke or enjoy your ‘death stick’ without being disturbed by the surroundings and without letting you leave your ‘fragrance’ everywhere. No doubt it is as good as committing suicide, but if you are addicted to smoking, this is a concept that you can surely use for yourself.

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