A woman burned down her friend’s house because she had unfriended and blocked her on Facebook.
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How many times do you accept friend-requests on Facebook? How many times do you unfriend people you are not getting along well with? How many times you unfriend people you don’t talk to, much?

The next time you think of unfriending someone from Facebook, this woman is going to cross your mind – Jennifer Christine Harris burned down the house of her friend because she unfriended her on Facebook and she could just not stand it! She is an elementary school teaching associate, who has been charged with first degree arson. She is behind the bars at the moment.

The Agony of the 30 Year Old Woman:

According to the report of the cops, the woman broke into the house of her friend at 1 am on 27th October. She burned the house knowing the fact that her friend, along with a few other people, was sleeping inside. No doubt everyone was able to escape and they all survived the fire, someone could actually lose his life.

Harris was an extremely close friend of Nikki Rasmussen, but due to their fights on comments on Facebook, Rasmussen unfriended Harris due to which the 30 year old woman took such a horrific step.

How Safe Are You On Facebook?

Does this mean you are not safe on Facebook at all?

Right after the fire was stopped, the couple was asked if there was someone who could do such a nasty act to kill them and the couple readily spoke about Harris, according to the Register. Harris is currently on an unpaid leave from her job and is being feared by almost everyone on her list of Facebook.

The woman is currently in the Polk County Jail on $100,000 bond.

Watch who you are friends with!

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