The Tiger Cubs and the Chimp : The True Story of How Anjana the Chimp Helped Raise Two Baby Tigers


Meet the two beautiful white tiger cubs; they took birth during a hurricane, due to which they had to be taken away from their mother when their sanctuary was flooded. But this did not stop them from getting the motherly love and touch, Anjana, the beautiful chimpanzee, takes very good care of them and makes sure that they get all the love that they want from her, as a mother.

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The surprising thing is that this chimpanzee is only two years old and she has been helping China York, the keeper, in taking care of the white tiger cubs, Mitra and Shiva, which are only 21 days old. These beautiful animals are parts of The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS), South Carolina.

Dr. Bhagavan stated that the cubs had to be separated from their mother, since everything had flooded in the hurricane; the mother was stressed due to which, for the sake of their safety, they had to be brought into the house.
The cubs are now under the care of China as well as her chimpanzee friend. These two ladies are during fantabulous jobs together by feeding the cubs and even playing with them, whenever necessary.

Since China has taken care of Anjana as well, when she was born, she never leaves her side and makes sure that she learns a lot of things from her human-mama. She has adopted the motherly touch by watching every single thing that China does for the two little cubs. Even when China isn’t around, Anjana looks after them.

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