Woman saves man from suicide with a kiss

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A teenage girl from China became an overnight hero when she saved a man from committing suicide by implanting a kiss!BNP_cXzCMAEdRWL

Liu Wenxiu is now a known name across the country, but it all started at the Shenzhen mall in Guang Province, when Liu noticed a mass had gathered around to see a guy. She was shocked when she saw a man clinging to the barrier of the highest floor in the mall.

“The young man was on the outside of the barrier and was holding a knife to his chest but nobody seemed to be trying to talk him around,” she told the Orange News.

But the young woman was unlike the rest; she really wanted to save him.

“I wanted to help him but the police wouldn’t let me through; so I lied and told them he was my boyfriend and that he wanted to kill himself because of me,” she confessed.

When they finally let her talk to him, the real truth surfaced.

“They let me talk to him and he told me he was sad because he was from a broken family,” she told the reporters.

This struck a chord with her, she said “I’m also from a broken family too and understood him perfectly.
His story touched me and I felt like I really was his girlfriend and I could help him.”

She then shocked the onlookers in the mall by first hugging him close and then kissing him – an act which helped the police to get a hold of him and pull him out of danger.

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