Lawrence Anthony, Elephant Whisperer

It is not a hidden fact that the animals cry when their friends and family members cross to the other side or die; here’s something that you are going to be amazed at: all the broken hearted elephants mourned together on the loss of Lawrence Anthony, the popular author of The Elephant Whisperer, their beloved human friend.


Lawrence Anthony was an international conservationist, environmentalist, explorer and bestselling author. He was the long-standing head of conservation at the Thula Thula game reserve in Zululand, South Africa, and the Founder of The Earth Organization.

At Thula Thula, all the elephants had gathered together at the main house, which was home to Mr. Anthony. They had not been seen for quite some time before this incident. This proved the animal sensitivity and awareness, which only the human race guarantees to perceive.

Mr. Anthony’s splendid works included his mission to rescue or free the animals at the famous Baghdad Zoo. They were caught in the fire due to the war that had taken place in the mentioned location. He believed that it was his responsibility to help the animals reach a safer and secured place.

The U.S. Army/wikipedia
The U.S. Army/wikipedia

The elephants gathering for The Elephant Whisperer prove that even the nonhuman friends mourn on the loss of their amazing human friends. Most of them show deepest loyalty and gratitude towards their human friends. The biggest surprise is that they continue to show the same devotion and love, even when their human friends are no more. There have been a few animals that have chosen to take their last breaths or die closer or next to the places their human friends are buried.

Even though there is no specific information or data on which species mourn at the loss of their human-friends, more and more species are coming forward to prove the same. They are all being added to the list!
The mourning animals prove that we, the humans, are not the only animals to cry at the loss of our loved ones!

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image credits : pixabayThe U.S. Army via wikipedia