In 2009, a 92-year-old Chinese Woman Named Huang Yijun Delivered a Child That She Had Been Carrying for Over Half a Century.

Huang Yijun

A Woman Who Gave Birth To A Mummy.

Everyone knows that a baby is born or delivered by a mother within a period of 9 months. This time period can undergo some minor fluctuations.

What if we tell you, a 92-year old Chinese woman named Huang Yijun delivered a child that she had been carrying for over half a century!

This scenario is of a medical condition called Lithopedion in which when a pregnancy fails, the fetus actually solidifies while it is still present in the mother’s body. The baby in Huang Yijun’s womb was dead. Huang Yijun says that she didn’t have enough money to get her fetus removed after the doctors told her that it was dead. So, with no alternatives left, she decided to carry the dead fetus and baby inside her abdomen. Astoundingly, 60 years passed.

Huang went to the hospital complaining about stomach ache. On examining her, doctors found that she was carrying a ‘Stone Baby’ which was a result of calcification of fetus.

An endocrinologist and fertility specialist, Dr. Natalie Burger says that, “Lithopedions start off as ectopic pregnancies, a condition where the fertilized egg gets stuck on its way to the womb, implants and develops outside the uterus. However, it is believed that Lithopedions usually last for 22 years, but in Huang’s case, it lasted for 60 years, which is three times more than the usual Lithopedions.”

According to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, only 290 cases of Lithopedions have ever been documented by medical literature.

Furthermore, if no complications occur, the mother can simply just go on with her life, with the dead fetus.

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