On August 14, 2010, in China, world’s longest traffic jam occurred which was about 60 miles long and lasted for nearly 10 days.

traffic jam

Have you ever been stuck in traffic? Have you ever felt sick of it because you got late for a few minutes or hours? How would you react if we say there was once a traffic jam in China that lasted for around 10 days and everybody ‘had’ to wait for such a long period of time?


If you find the thought of it to be ‘sick’ and tiring, you have no idea what happened on 14th August in 2013 in China; there was 100kms traffic jam due to which people had to drive ‘bumper to bumper’ and be on roads for ten days. Most of the drivers were able to drive their vehicles only 1km per day due to which the jam had to be covered by media.

What was the reason behind this traffic jam?

The traffic on China National Highway 110 had increased 40 percent each and every year in several years before 2013, which had congested the roads; also, there was maintenance work going on along the National Highway 110 and heavy trucks traveling to Beijing.

How did the drivers survive?

Since there were a few locals near highway, they sold different goods like cigarettes, instant noodles as well as water. All such stuff allowed the drivers to survive. No doubt the locals took advantage of the situation and sold the items at expensive prices, since the drivers had absolutely no other option, they had to spend more in order to have sufficient water and food to survive on.

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