One of the co-founder of Apple, Ronald Wayne sold his 10% share for $800 in 1976 — Which is now worth over $35 billion.

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In the year 1976, one of the co-founders of the famous Apple company sold 10% of his share for only $800; he is now being called the unluckiest man in the world. The most surprising thing is that he was one of the original founders of this company. However, since he was unable to work with Jobs, he decided to walk off the project. He described Jobs as a cold, stubborn and argumentative individual, who never appreciated others and their ideas.


More about Ron Wayne:

Ron Wayne was one of the three founders of the most popular company, Apple. He worked with Steves Wozniak as well as Jobs. Since the company consisted of young creative individuals, the then 42 year old man did his best to guide the team and ensure that they make the best use of their ideas. However, he could not stand working with Jobs, for he was quite argumentative and never settled with the opinions of others.

Despite his contribution to the company, Wayne’s name is long lost in the history and is not known to many.

More about Wayne:

Currently, Wayne is 79 and hopes that Jobs would someday reveal what he did to someone as intelligent as him in the past. No doubt Jobs is an extremely famous individual at the moment, but according to Wayne, he was unfair to him due to which he was forced to sell his share of Apple for $800 only!

However, even though the share amount has increased and touched the skies, Wayne does not regret his decision of walking out of the office of Apple and its name; he currently lives in Nevada and states that he is satisfied with where he is.

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