The PENIS of the Egyptian Pharaoh, Tutankhamun’s mummy was reported missing in 1968 and was found in 2006.

PENIS of the Egyptian Pharaoh
Jon Bodsworth

Don’t let the heading of this news startle you; according to the scientists, the rediscovered penis of King Tutankhamen might make the pharaoh stand in the small world of mummies of the male gender. They had a close look at all the pictures of the mummified king, who is now 3300 years old. Apart from all the puzzles related to this mummy, his sexual organ topped the list. No doubt it is the best known pharaoh of the ancient Egypt, but the size of the penis was nothing more than a puzzle for the discoverers.

Jon Bodsworth
Jon Bodsworth/wikimedia

The Sexual Organ:

In the year 1922, when Harry Burton (1879-1940) took photographs of the royal penis during the Howard Carter’s excavation of the tomb of the King, he stated that the sexual organ of the king was intact. However, in the year 1968, when Professor Ronald Harrison, the scientist of United Kingdom, took x-rays of the mummy, he stated that the royal penis was missing.

It was rumored that the penis of the King had been stolen and sold as an antique item. Later, the chief of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, Professor Zahi Hawass, stated that the penis had not gone anywhere at all; it had always been right in the sand around the body of the king. It was mummified with the king. The mummy expert states that it is impossible to find if the King was circumcised.

The King:

Dr. Eduard Egarter Vigl, the mummy expert, stated that the pharaoh was normally built. The King Tut.Ankh.Amun, translated as the living image of Amun reigned until he died in 1325; he was only 19 years old. He married his stepsister Ankhsesenpaaten, who was 13 years old when they got married. During their marriage, the Queen gave birth to two stillborn girls.

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