A Lucky Woman With a PhD Won the Lottery Four Times


Joan R. Ginther, 63, from Texas, won multiple million dollar payouts each time. She is probably the most lucky woman on Earth. She has won almost $21 million from the time she began her lottery habit in the year 1993. When she won the lottery for the fourth time, it was said that her chances to win were almost impossible. However, she did win! First, she won $5.4 million, then a decade later, she won $2million, then two years later $3million and in the summer of 2010, she hit a $10million jackpot.


But to be honest, we have been told that banging the lottery amount or price is not just the matter of luck; there are some ways in which you can smartly play and get the price for yourself. According to Nathaniel Rich’s article in Harpers, Ginther’s story is not just pure dumb luck, but more like fraud and cheating done to the lottery houses. Luck works only once; if someone has been banging the lottery prices several times, there are chances that he or she is manipulating a lot of things, due to which the cards are falling in his or her ways.

Ginther got the last two scratch offs from the same shop in Bishop (Texas), which is her hometown. However, this shop was shut down due to an investigation done by the IRS. The main motive behind this investigation was to find out the involvement of Sun Bae, the proprietor, with Ginther.

Earlier, Ginther worked as a professor in a university. She is no ordinary woman; she has a Ph.D. in Statistics, which she completed from Stanford University. Well, statistics? Does that ring any bell in your mind, behind her ‘good luck’ in lottery? Well, of course it does to the minds of a lot of people around the globe!

Source : 1, 2 image : pixabay


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