Michael Jackson’s Anti Gravity Shoe Idea

Michael Jackson's Anti Gravity Shoe Idea

When Michael Jackson passed away, the entire world mourned; his fans couldn’t stop crying and there was a major scene of mass-suicide. People couldn’t believe that their favorite singer left the world and would never return with his glittering costumes and sizzling shoes!


Talking of Michael Jackson’s shoes, do you remember that amazing song that boosted Michael’s career to its maximum height? Smooth Criminal? Do you remember that anti-gravity lean dance-step that Michael had performed in this song?

If you are his true fan, you surely remember every single step of this song because it was quite a famous one. In fact, there are still millions of people watching the video of this song even today, because of the kind of choreography it had. If you remember the lean step, you surely know how difficult it looked and how it had surprised the audience and Michael’s fans.

But the secret has finally been disclosed, it was not only Michael’s special step, but also his shoes that worked hard enough to keep him on the ground. For his forward lean, Michael created special shoes with slotted heels that slid onto bolts that did not leave the floor, despite his lean towards the ground. This was completely a unique idea and, even though a lot of people knew about this secret, everybody was awestruck!

Michael not only invented the shoes, but also patented them in the year 1993; he didn’t want his ideas to be stolen. It is true that this man was full of creativity because before his invention, there was absolutely no one, who came up with a thought similar to this one.

Now that you know the secret behind Michael’s popular lean step in Smooth Criminal, go ahead and tell your friends about it!

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