Jackie Chan Broke Twelve Concrete Blocks With Just His Arm

Jackie Chan
Firdaus Latif/wikimedia

Even the little kids know who Jackie Chan is; he is well-respected for the time he has dedicate to Martial Arts in his life; no matter how many actors come in Hollywood or in any industry, there is absolutely no one, who can replace the dedication and determination that this man has shown to the audience. He has millions of fans; it is because of his tricks and stamina that a lot of people from the youth are aspired to stay fit and sustain their strength.

What Chan has done is not something that the others can do, at least without practicing for years together. When he was invited on a talk show, he not only gave a fabulous interview, but also showed a part of his stamina. He broke 12 concrete blocks with just his one bare arm! The blocks were divided into groups of 4 and stacked on top of one another. But wait a minute… that’s not the only thing that he did; while breaking these concrete blocks, he made sure that the egg that he held in his hand, did not break at all. Now that’s what you call controlled strength of a true Martial Artist!


image : Firdaus Latif/wikimedia, Video: Kanal von kingmomo11


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