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Singer James Blunt auctioned his sister off on eBay

Singer James Blunt auctioned his sister off on eBay as “a damsel in distress” after she was unable to get to a funeral. The winning bidder picked her up in a helicopter, then dated her for 3 years. Now they’re married. Still a better love story than Twilight. Celebrities are known to have auctioned off

Michael Jackson’s Anti Gravity Shoe Idea

When Michael Jackson passed away, the entire world mourned; his fans couldn’t stop crying and there was a major scene of mass-suicide. People couldn’t believe that their favorite singer left the world and would never return with his glittering costumes and sizzling shoes! Talking of Michael Jackson’s shoes, do you remember that amazing song that

Jackie Chan Broke Twelve Concrete Blocks With Just His Arm

Even the little kids know who Jackie Chan is; he is well-respected for the time he has dedicate to Martial Arts in his life; no matter how many actors come in Hollywood or in any industry, there is absolutely no one, who can replace the dedication and determination that this man has shown to the