There is a whale known as the "The Loneliest Whale in the world" because it can’t communicate in the same frequency as other whales.

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In the world of whales, exchanging different frequencies is their own and only way of communication.

However, a type of whale is unable to communicate because of the same, that is, it cannot produce the same level of frequency by which other whales can understand its message. It is the Loneliest and unknown species of whale named the ’52-Hertz whale’ because of the amount of frequency it produces.

The 52-hertz frequency produced by this whale is too high for other whales to respond.

The whale has been travelling in the oceans of the world looking for other friends and caught the eye of the U.S. Navy in 1989 when their instruments picked up its odd frequency.

Soon the whale was kept track of and the scientists involved said that the whale does not have a migration route similar to that of any other whales; it travels on its own unique path.

Scientists have been listening to the whale for two decades but no one has seen it, so they are not sure exactly what species they are looking for. Experts believe the huge mammal is most likely a fin whale, but could be a hybrid of a blue and a fin whale.

A singer in New Mexico wrote an entire album dedicated to 52; another singer in Michigan wrote a children’s song about the whale’s plight; an artist in upstate New York made a sculpture out of old plastic bottles and called it 52 Hertz. A music producer in Los Angeles started buying cassette tapes at garage sales and recording over them with 52’s song, the song that was quickly becoming a kind of sentimental seismograph suggesting multiple storylines: alienation and determination, autonomy and longing; not only a failure to communicate but also a dogged persistence in the face of this failure.

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