“Hug Me” Coca-Cola machine in Singapore

hug me
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How would you feel if I say you don’t need to carry money to drink Coca-Cola now? Would you give a free hug to a machine to enjoy free coke? Would you believe if I say one of the most famous soft drink brands in the world is now giving Coke to all those, who can give free hugs to its machine?

Coke Hug Me Machine

You have surely got to believe in it! Now, you are going to see some red and white machines at different places, which offer and accept free hugs from you and give you free Cokes.

This awesome idea is nothing, but the Open Happiness campaign initiated by the manufacturing company. This campaign has been created and designed to aim the young crowd and it is currently being tested in Singapore.
The National University of Singapore’s students were quite surprised to see the machines installed in their campus overnight. They couldn’t resist their temptations to quench their thirst for their favorite soft drink.

Instead of the company’s logo, this red colored machine has Hug Me written in white. Even though you don’t see the logo of the company, the traditional color lets you know that the machine belongs to this brand itself.

When asked about the reason behind this marketing campaign and such an amazing machine, Coke Asia’s Pacific Director for Sparkling and Activation Platforms, Mr. Leonardo O’Grady, stated that since happiness is contagious and the company wanted to spread happiness, they have made such a machine to give some smiles to the people, who want to give a hug or want a hug.

As soon as the campaign was launched for the young and peppy crowd, the reaction was noticed; it was superbly amazing! In fact, people waited in queue to give hugs!

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hug me

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hug me

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