Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#22

1) In 1935, Roosevelt called for a tax program called the Wealth Tax Act (Revenue Act of 1935) to redistribute wealth. The bill imposed an income tax of 79% on incomes over $5 million. Since that was an extraordinary high income in the 1930s, the

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#21

1) Billy Joel gives away all of his front row tickets to random people in the cheap seats so that the front row isn’t always just wealthy people. – Source 2) Six thousand feral camels once attacked and completely shut down an Australian town in

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#20

1) Cuteness inspires aggression – Which is why we often want to squeeze things we find cute. – Source 2) There is a species of snake that can glide up to 100 feet by flattening its body and forming a kind of parachute. – Source 3)

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#19

1) People have successfully made Fruit Salad Trees by grafting up to 6 different fruits in one tree. – Source 2) There are 350 million Chinese smokers, higher than the population of the United States, and 60% of all male physicians smoke. Cigarette sales generate

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#18

1) When working on “I Am Legend,” Will Smith got so attached to his co-star (Abbey the dog), he asked the owner can he buy her. The owner refused. – Source 2) In France, you can marry a dead person. – Source 3) 14 squirrels were arrested

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#17

1) In 2009, scientists announced a skin disorder they called “PlayStation palmar hidradenitis” caused by too much video game playing. – Source 2) During WWII, the Russians built a tank that could fly. – Source 3) $44 billion worth of gift cards have gone unredeemed since 2008. –

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#16

  1) Costco hasn’t changed the price of its $1.50 Hot Dog/Soda Combo For 28 Years Since 1985. – Source 2) In Japan, the sales of adult diapers have surpassed the sales of baby diapers. – Source 3) The largest anti-smoking ad campaign “Truth” is funded

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#15

1) In 1992, the Vatican finally admitted Galileo was right about the Earth revolving around the Sun. – Source 2) Japan gives Sumo wrestlers iPads, since cell phones are too small for the wrestlers to text message with. – Source 3) Bill Murray once decided to

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#14

1) Switzerland is considering giving its citizens a yearly income simply for being alive. – Source 2) Hans Island is a disputed territory between Canada and Denmark. When the Danish visit, they leave a bottle of Schnapps for the Canadians. When the Canadians visit, they leave

Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#13

1) Elvis Presley once asked his limo driver, “Do you own this limo or do you work for the company?” He responded, “I work for the company.” Elvis said “Well, you own it now.” The limo driver’s tip was the limo. – Source 2) Dolphins