Did you know that due to the High ratio of atmospheric density to surface gravity on Saturn’s moon Titan, humans could fly by simply strapping on a pair of wings.


You can literally fly on Saturn’s Moon Titan with a Strapped Pair of Wings!

human flying


Have you ever wished you could forget all about your worries and fly? While looking at the night sky have you ever wished to fly and touch the moon? Well, this is not a hypothesis now. Scientists say that you could actually do it; but not on our Earth, rather on Saturn’s moon, Titan.

This is because Titan’s surface gravity is 0.14g, which is only a little bit less than our moon. While on our moon we are able to walk very softly, with a surface gravity as low as Titan’s, human beings would comfortably fly with strapped wings over there.

So what’s the catch? The only catch is that our space suit would have to be insulated because it has a really cold temperature. Also, since we would be carrying oxygen tubes, we would have heavy weight suits.

Staying there flying for a while is one thing, but living there is a whole different zone to explore. The human body can really undergo a heavy negative influence staying there, such as loss of bone density, weakened immune system and lower muscle density… Let’s just say our bodies were not made to be lived on Titan, but a man can dream!

image credit : pixabay


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