The Longest Recorded Hangover Lasted 4 Weeks

longest hangover
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Have you ever been drunk and in hangover? How many hours have you spent being in the same state? Five? Six? Maybe a day?


What you are going to read is the longest hangover in the history of beer drinking! A man in Glasgow drank 60 pints of beer, which left him with a super hangover for four weeks!

The story:

A 37 year old man was admitted to the emergency room at a hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, in October, 2015. When he complained of his wavy vision as well as the non-stop headache, he did not realize that he was in hangover. According to the British Journal, The Lancet, doctors did not know what he was going through, at first.

The patient’s name has not been disclosed to the media. He has had no history of injury in the head or loss of consciousness. He has been an absolutely healthy person and his past medical records have been remarkable. He was not on any medication, as reported by Zia Carrim as well as the other two physicians, who attended him at the Southern General Hospital.

What was the condition of the man?

The most surprising thing to the doctors was that the temperature of the man’s body was absolutely normal, along with his blood pressure. When his neurological scanning was out, it was normal too, leaving the doctors with no clue about his condition.

In a few moments, an eye specialist was called at the hospital. When he checked the man, he straight away came to a conclusion that he was in hangover, for he had swollen optical discs and bleeding nerve fibres, which are signs of being in hangover.

It was then that the man confessed drinking 60 pints (around 35 litres) of beer in a period of four days! He returned to his normal self after a treatment of six months.

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longest hangover

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