The awkward story of twins who didn’t know that they were twins and got married…


You exchange the rings with someone; exchange those beautiful vows, get kissed, start a family and suddenly realize that the partner you have been spending your life with is actually a long lost sibling! How would you react to that?

This couple has gone through a similar story, but the only difference is that they discovered the truth a little earlier. This may sound funny to the readers, but it is heartbreaking for both the partners.

These beautiful partners, who do not wish to disclose their names, met each other, fell in love and decided to get married. However, after their wedding vows, they were told about their real relationship. When they were informed about the shocking truth, they decided to get their marriage annulled, immediately. Even though it was embarrassing for them to disclose the real reason, they had to do it in front of the judge. Since the judge himself found the union to be invalid, the High Court annulled their marriage.

Even though it all happened quickly and casually, I am sure it would have been extremely heartbreaking for both the individuals. No doubt the marriage got annulled, but the time that they have spent with each other can never be forgotten by both of them.

According to the judge, the twins were parted at birth itself. Since their biological parents did not take care of them, they were adopted by different families. When they got wedded, someone realized the entire story and presented the truth to them, with proofs.

Neither of the individuals knew that they had a twin living in the world; when they met as adults, they had this ‘amazing chemistry’ or attraction, which made them fall in love with each other.

This is the most embarrassing story I have ever heard!

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