Girl, 10, used geography lesson to save lives

tilly smith

Tilly Smith, a 10 year old girl, not only saved the lives of her family members, but also the lives of more than 100 tourists relaxing on the Mai khao beach, Phuket. She informed everyone about the emerging Asian Tsunami because she had grasped the concept and learned about it in one of her geography lessons.


The Holiday:

Just when Tilly Smith was relaxing with her parents on Maikhao Beach, she noticed a large tide rushing out. While all the other tourists were amazed and loved the sight, this little girl knew something terrible was on its way. The water had bubbles and the boats on the horizon were bobbing up and down, violently.

The Lesson in the Class:

Tilly told her mother that she had learned about Tsunami two weeks earlier in the class and according to her lessons, they were all in danger and had to do something to save their lives.

Her parents not only decided to leave the beach, but also alerted the holidaymakers as well as the staff at the hotel. The beach was evacuated and several lives were saved. Tilly gives the credit to Andrew Kearney (Oxshott’s Danes Hill Prep School), her geography teacher.

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