Some of the weird bans around the world.

Some of the weird bans around the world.



1. Western haircut in Iran.

Like most of the middle east, Iran also doesn’t want western culture to influence their culture. In Europe,to save the people from the American influence,Iran has banned western haircut in Europe. These haircuts include Mulatis, ponytail and spikes.

2. Emo clothing in Russia.

Russian government has banned emo fashion in Russia. The reason behind the ban is the increase in suicide cases in Russia.

3. Avatar in 3D in China.

China was not satisfied with the idea of the American army in the film Avatar, so China decided to the film will only be showed in 3D in China, knowing there are less number of 3D theatres in China.

4. Names of children in Denmark.

Denmark has strict guidelines about keeping the names of the children. People in Denmark can keep the name of their children by seeing the names in the list given by the government which has around 24000 names in it.

5. Video games in Greece.

Greece banned video games in 2002, the reason was to keep a ban on electronic gambling machine. After one year, due to the pressures of Europian union and youth, this ban was removed.

6. Valentines day in Saudi Arabia.

Valentines day is not celebrated in Saudi Arabia. There it is believed that it is beyond the muslim principles. A day before valentines day all the things of red color are removed the shops.

image via pixabay