There is a house in Massachusetts, USA which is made completely from newspaper

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Look at this paper house – at first, you might not even realize that it is made up of paper; when you look at it closely, you realize it is something that you have never seen before. In the year 1922, Elis F. Stenman started with the construction of this house just like everyone else does with roof, floors and a timber frame. However, when his mechanical engineer and tinkerer started building the walls, Stenman believed to bring something completely unique in the form of wood – newspapers!


The walls, furniture as well as doors of the Rockport Paper House are all created with varnished newspapers. Approximately 100,000 newspapers have been used to create all the mentioned things. With the help of homemade glue (which was made from flour, apple peels and water), 215 layers of paper were brought together to make panels for the walls. These panels are 1 inch thick.


The Furniture:

Furniture inside the house includes chair, desk and clock; they are completely made up of newspapers. The most surprising thing is that everything is still in working condition. The only things that are not made up of newspapers are the fireplace and piano (which is only covered by paper to keep it protected from dust and dirt).


More About The House:

The house has been in the same way for more than 80 years. The only thing that is always done to keep it intact is varnishing after proper time intervals. The most surprising thing is that the walls are still readable and you can actually guess the entire headlines of some of the news!


If you ever visit this house, don’t forget to check the clock for it has a newspaper from each of the 48 states that existed during that time. The only risk you should never take is lighting the fireplace!

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