If You Put Two Straws in Your Mouth, One Inside a Drink And One Outside it, You Won’t be Able to Drink Through Either Straw.

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If You Put Two Straws in Your MouthIf you put two straws in your mouth, one inside a drink and one outside it, you won’t be able to drink through either straw.

You all must have tried blowing bubbles through a straw in your soft drinks. Though, it is considered as bad manner, it’s actually too much fun to do!

But have you ever tried putting two straws in your mouth, one inside a drink and one outside it? Do you know what will happen?

You won’t be able to drink through either of the straw!

When you try this, you’ll observe that no matter how hard you try to suck up the drink, all you’ll get in your mouth will be air, only air. This happens because air is lighter than liquids and so, it is much easier to suck up air through the second straw than to suck up your drink through the first one.

You can even try a more interesting version of this.

It’s simple, take a straw and make a hole in its bottom. Now, put the same straw into your drink but make sure that the hole you have made doesn’t get into the drink, it should lie above it. Now try to suck up your drink, again the same will happen, all you’ll have in your mouth will be only air and no drink.

Talking about the case in which bubbles are formed when you blow through the straw in your drink, this takes place because the air is lighter than your drink, which of course is a liquid. So being lighter, they come up to the surface of the drink in the form of Co2 bubbles, as we exhale the same.

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Isn’t it amazing, how simple yet astounding daily life activities can represent some great examples of physics! Moreover, it’s not any rocket science, it is a simple law of physics which we earlier were unaware about!

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