Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#5

Mind Blowing Facts
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1) Until the 1920s, there was a profession called a “knocker-up,” which involved going from client to client tapping on their windows (or banging on their doors) with long sticks until they woke up. – Source
2) A man named Ryan McKnight spent 470 hours building a giant Lego replica of historic Roman town of Pompeii. –Source
3) The LifeStraw is a powerful, but simple and compact water filtration system which may be the solution to the world’s water emergency. –Source
4) The World’s first genetically-engineered Bioluminescent house plants have been created and could eventually be used as a functional light source. – Source
5) Let’s Pizza is the world’s first pizza vending machine. Just select your topping, insert coins and watch your pizza bake. Source
6) There’s a cruise ship named “The World” where residents permanently live as it travels around the globe. Source
7) In 2012, a man ordered a TV on Amazon, but got a semi-automatic assault rifle instead. Source
8) After World War-2 ended in 1945, a Japanese officer named Hiroo Onada didn’t surrender and continued the war for 29 years because he didn’t know that Japan had surrendered and the war was over. Source
9) MI6 once hacked an Al-Qaeda website and replaced instructions on how to make a bomb with a cupcake recipe. Source
10) There is a wild animal in East Asia called the Raccoon Dog which looks like a raccoon but is actually a dog. – Source
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