Mind Blowing Facts of the Day list#4

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1) Dogs, like humans, experience varying levels of depression. – Source

2) Thanks to Italy, the world has a pizza vending machine. For about $6, the ‘Let’s Pizza’ machine makes a fresh, not frozen, 10.5 inch pizza of your choice and bakes it in front of you within 3 minutes. – Source

3) There is a tribe in India that has passed down for generations the art of manipulating tree roots to create a system of “living” bridges. – Source

4) The least financially successful Harry Potter film made more money than the most successful Twilight Film. – Source

5) German photographer Birk Mobius captured a photo of lightning striking a plane inside a rainbow. – Source

6) In 1906 a man was sentenced to a minute in prison, his name was Joe Munch. – Source 

7) Marshmallows exist because of sore throats. For centuries, juice from the marsh mallow plant has been used for pain relief. In the 1800s, it was mixed with egg whites and sugar for children with sore throats. The recipe was so tasty that people made it as a treat called ‘marshmallow.’  – Source

8) Sometimes a group of ants will get separated from their main foraging party and begin to follow each other in a continuously rotating circle. Eventually they all die of exhaustion. This phenomenon is called an “ant mill”. – Source

9) In china people organize mass pillow fights for workers, students facing pressure at work and school to blow off stress. – Source

10) In Germany, there is a hotline called “Schimpf-los” (“swear away”) — Which Germans can call to curse someone out after a stressful day. – Source